Tell us if you’ve said this: 

“I have a fantastic website design. In fact, I spent a lot of money on it.
But the eyeballs are not converting into cash.

“My headshots look profesh. I hired one of the best photographers in the industry.
But professionally pretty pictures are not translating into sales.”

“I want people to land on my work with me page and get pulled in.
Some of my packages are a no brainer buy. But I am disappointed by what’s happening.”

The problem is NOT in getting found.

When you share your website link on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram
When you write a blog post with a headline that addresses your prospects’ need
When you share an update on your LinkedIn profile with a link to your website

…People do get directed to your site. You do get found.

But the traffic does not convert into paying clients. They don’t feel compelled to do business with you.

The problem is in the narrative, that does not pull them in hook, line, and sinker.

Let me prove this with a case in point: 

Which of these two coaches would you love to work with?

Coach Alpha- “I’ll share with you, years of my experience of learning how to build a business.”


Coach Beta– “I’ll deep dive into every goof-up that messed up my chances of converting clients, every insider tactic that landed me a lucrative deal and every get-rich-quick myth I busted to fast-track my growth.”

I know you’ll work with Coach Beta in a heartbeat even though I haven’t shown you their websites, pictures or testimonials – nothing nada!

Coach Alpha’s spiffy website design and profesh headshots won’t seal the deal.

You know why?

Coach Beta’s messaging shows you what it means to work with someone who has been there and done that through a compelling, personal story.

That’s priceless.

People don’t invest in services or products; they invest in the story behind them.

There I said it.

You cannot have a half-assed website that brushes over your story. 

You need a website with:

  1. A Home Page that instantly tells your visitors that you are a great find in the haystack of Internet
  2. An About page that shares your personal story and vulnerabilities
  3. A Work with me page that exposes the common point of connection between your prospects and you

You need a website that makes your clients distinctly mention that they got pulled in because of:

“That messaging on your website where you said….that spoke to me and compelled me to work with you!”

That’s the reaction I’ll help you evoke. Here’s how: 

I’ll identify the parts of your story that have a common point of connection with your prospects.

And craft a compelling and empathetic narrative for the three most important pages of your website ground-up.

No patchy job, no flowery language- only a methodical approach that converts.

We’ll get on a Skype call, and I’ll ask you my ‘Dig Deeper’ Survey Questions as a part of our warm-up round.

Then we’ll together nail your positioning i.e. what sets you apart from the others in your niche and articulate your brilliance, that makes people like you before they buy from you.

In a span of 7 days, you’ll get your complete website makeover done with:

  • A Home Page that highlights your value proposition
  • An About page that articulates your sticky story
  • A Work With Me Page that makes people drop everything (including that spanking brand new Bone China crockery) to do business with you.

No more cringing and clutching Red Bull cans while helplessly watching visitors slip through the cracks.

No more wondering ‘why those pretty, professional headshots are not winning people’s trust‘.

Ready to start winning more business through a vibrant Website narrative teeming with personality? 

Home Page

About Page

Work With Me Page


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