How to 'Fine tune' Your Web Copy & Eliminate the Low-Authority Cues?

is-your-web-copy-sounding-nervous-2Does your copy sound nervous, unsure of its commitments and your web visitors pass up the action button?

Is your selling argument a house of cards on a crooked table? 

Maybe your arguments open with a bang but close with a thud or vice versa.

Well… authority is not about being a strict college professor who moves at his own pace but says the rhetoric ‘Are you with me?’ after every statement.

It is about putting your point across with empathy, clarity and confidence so that even your most wooden-faced students/prospects understand and nod in agreement.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can identify and eliminate low-authority copy from your business messaging.

And replace it with selling arguments that are charged with authority and power.

Yes, you can write with confidence and power.

Even if your business is still in its innocent infancy

Even if you feel like a petty wallflower in a party thrown by Donald Trumps 

Even if you fear the fiercely competitive web world more than a lil’ fish in a pond of catfishes. 

Keep reading to discover how you can achieve this tall objective and drive past your own deep-rooted objections like a profesh Nascar driver. 

#1: Clarity is mightier than flattery. Get crystal clear. 

It’s easy to get digressed and fall into the dark rabbit hole of long-winded conversations with your prospects. This happens because you’re so close to your business and ‘know’ it so well that when it comes to explaining it, you fail to have a perspective. Step back and ask yourself:

“Am I communicating too much?”

“Am I using the language that only I resonate with?”

“Am I beating around the bush and not hitting the nail on its head?”

If you do not have ample clarity over the soul of your message i.e. what should get across, stick to their mind and get carried over – you’ve lost the plot.

Take a look at this really intriguing example:


Rings & Roses is a boutique-style matchmaking service representing successful men and women looking for their perfect match. Think of us as a Recruiter for singles!

All matches are hand selected for our clients and we take care of arranging all the details. We are working with incredible singles in your area and we may be working with the perfect client that fits what you’re looking for… you have nothing to lose!


Looking for your perfect match? Rings & Roses is the go-to place for successful men and women to find their soul mates without the pain of going through hundreds of unsolicited profiles. Yes we sit with you, understand your requirements and go through our vetted database to hand-pick profiles that are a perfect fit.

And no, we don’t leave you drowning in a pool of profiles like others.

What’s next? Pick your location to kick-start your dating journey.

The former unnecessarily digresses from the actual point and goes into redundant details about being a recruiter for singles. I am not against using metaphors but you got to use them with caution. The target audience they’re talking to won’t be thrilled to hear about recruitment while discussing their marriage!

The latter is clear in communicating the soul of the message i.e. ‘hand-holding the clients through the process of selection’. After reading the second script, there’s no doubt in your mind about what the service really does. Also it leads the visitors to the next step.

Yes, clarity in your messaging is more important than flattery. You can blabber endlessly about how you are at their beck n’ call all the time but unless they are crystal clear about how you can help, their mental needles will stay unmoved.  

#2: Grease those sneaky arguments. Tighten the plot.

Every argument you make must slam home a point and if it fails to do so, it is weak and needs a re-frame.
Take a moment to think about all the reasons why your prospects should believe you also why they shouldn’t i.e. their objections to sale.

Now that you have your chops ready, make your argument sharper.

For example, take a look at this:


I prefer to help folks out three months at a time, rather than by the hour like a more traditional coach. I’ve found this to be a long enough time-frame to figure out how you work, your pain points, goals and for new productivity habits to solidify.


I offer no quick-fixes because getting productive takes time.

I work with you to analyze your habits, daily overwhelms, distractions and how you ‘work’. Then I step back and tie it all with your goals to put the spotlight on where you’re exactly going wrong and why.

In a span of 90 days of working with me, you’ll start breaking old habits and start forming new ones that lead to increased productivity.

No more wondering ‘Where did all the time go?”

The former is incomplete and does not present a convincing reason about why the program needs to last for 3 months.

The word ‘figure out’ is a sign of low authority. It indicates that the coach has no set processes to really know and assess the parameters for productivity.

The ‘after version’ is succinct and slams the point home; it leaves the reader convinced about the duration of the program.

Also by using the phrase ‘quick fix’ to refer to anything other than the 90-day program, the argument is further fortified. 

#3: Conversions favor the empathetic. Make your readers resonate with your message.

Let’s dive straight into an example.


Registered Nutritionist and Women’s Weight-Loss Specialist invites you:

Apply for your Free Transformation

Call today to see if this program suitable for you. Limited time offer.

10 Spaces available in September. Leave your email id below…


You are tired of counting every morsel that goes into your mouth. The diet recipes are leaving you overwhelmed. You hate to let the weighing scale decide your mood for the day.

If that rings true for you, then you are the right fit for this program. This community-led mindful eating program is open only to first 10 people who apply in September because we offer complete personal attention to every member. Leave your email id below…

Do you notice how the second version does not leave the visitor confused about being ‘suitable for the program’ but the copy itself qualifies her?

The messaging delves deeper and truly empathizes with their problem instead of just attacking at the surface level. 

That’s the hallmark of a high-authority copy.

In addition the copy uses the magic of reasoning to justify the need for urgency. If the visitor resonates with it then all he needs to do next is check the availability of spots. 

In addition we can add more substance to this argument with stats. For example:

“A survey from the UK found that women start, on average, three different diets a year and by day #5, two-thirds have already cheated.”

This could be further extrapolated to show how most diet recipes don’t do the needful.

Stats definitely help amp up the credibility of the messaging. Most importantly, stats appeal to our rationality. Even though we make emotional decisions, we use arguments with substance to justify the decision to ourselves.

Want to see how I create an authoritative selling argument? Get access to a tear-down video right here:

#4: Every Great Dish Has a Great Recipe. Find yours.

Just like every great dish can be traced back to an equally great recipe, a great output has a great process.

Talking about your processes and how you really get to the promised results elevates your authority in the eyes of your prospects.

So take a moment to ask yourself:

“Does my copy reflect how I do what I do?”


I help people like you who work in specialist roles to excel when you communicate. By applying our insights from neuroscience and psychology you can improve your communication and profitability.


Talk like a specialist. Communicate like a friend.

I help specialists like yourself master the art of communicating your ideas in a way that even your most naive readers can grasp.

My process?

I impart you unique insights from neuroscience and psychology to improve your communication by deeply understanding how it is received. I do this through a wide spectrum of step-by-step training programs, educational workshops and complete hand-holding consultancy services – all under one roof.

Notice in the second version of the copy, we are very explicit about how exactly we deliver the promised results.

Your processes set you apart from your competition and make your argument authoritative. Unlike in the previous version, we do not leave the visitors midway wondering how it really achieves the objective. 

#5: Promise Breathtaking Pictures not Wide-Angle Lens

Making your promise specific and tangible is an imperative rule of communicating with authority. It tells your prospects that your product/service delivers results and not just tools/tips that may/may not get them to the promise land.

Make your language so vivid and expressive that can really feel what its like to be on the other side of the red velvet rope i.e. working with you. Let them imagine the results and get them excited about it. You can only do that when you make your results the pivotal point of your web copy.

Look at this example:


Your therapy business deserves clients. I’ll give you easy-to-understand guide and lessons you need to educate yourself about client acquisition journey and automation processes.  


Get a consistent flow of clients for your therapy business without solely relying on cold walk-ins or appointments on days you’re lucky. My step-by-step automation plan will empower you to attract clients while sitting on your boss chair and not worrying on the little granny’s rocking chair.

Noticed how the second version starts with the word ‘get’ i.e. a promise?

It further goes on to paint a picture and does not overwhelm them with ‘tools and guide’ to self-learn the process. You must notice that it exploits the magic of fear by talking about their current state i.e. relying on cold walk-ins or sitting on the rocking chair worrying!

Writing with authority means communicating the results your solution can deliver with great confidence.

#6: Use relevant examples to communicate your point with a bang 

Do you notice how this article is flooded with examples? Every point is accompanied by a specific example that reinforces that point and helps explain it clearly.

Had the examples not been a part of it, it would have been a bland, shallow and theoretical piece.

So instead of shoving information on people or filling your web copy with jargon like ‘best-in-class’, class-leading’, best choice’, ‘best investment decision’, explain what you mean by using the most relevant examples. Take a look at this example:

At this price,  this is the best  investment you can ever make.  Nothing else comes close to what the confidence quick fix pack can offer you at $7.


You could get a book on confidence for the same $7. But how many of those books are lying unread inside your Kindle app? You don’t need another piece of ‘information’ but a step-by-step guidance to talk to a complete stranger at the biz conference or joke with the person you met few seconds ago at the party.  That’s exactly what the Confidence Quick Fix Pack helps you with.

While the former is just a weak argument that’s simply calling it the best investment’ without justifications, the latter is a very strong argument and compares two different investments of the same $7.

Also notice how relevant the examples are of what the program can exactly do for the prospect.

Your business too would have specific and relevant examples to cite and strengthen your case. Bring them out.

#7: No argument is an island. It needs support of good metaphors. 

You know that metaphors compare two things to explain the case in point a lot more concretely. For example I could say, “In the first presidential debate of 2016 elections, when Hillary Clinton said “I have a feeling that by the end of this evening, I’m going to be blamed for everything that’s ever happened.”, she hit the nail on its head or scored a home run!” 
Now she obviously didn’t hold the hammer or the bat and do that for real but you get the point. 
So let me show you an interesting piece of copy that I worked on which illustrates how metaphors fortify a fragile argument. 


After the “WholeHearted’” workshop you will feel much more comfortable navigating the seven seas of love. You will stop feeling helplessly exposed to what “love” does to you. Because now you know the patterns, dynamics and concepts behind the most pressing aspects of why we fall in love, why we cannot keep it exciting. 

Love can be the most amazing feeling ever!
But when storms like one-sided love, infidelity, lack of excitement, soul-crushing arguments rock your boat, you become a misery magnet. After the ‘WholeHearted’ workshop you’ll be confident to navigate through the seven seas of love on a rock-solid boat without anxiety, breakdowns or even heart aches. Because you’ll not only understand the reasons behind the storms but also have the mental strength to steer your boat in a direction that leads to peace and happiness.

Did you notice how we compare the troubles in love life to rowing a boat in storms? 

So we upped the authority quotient of our selling argument by actually making people imagine what it feels like to deal with a storm and how the workshop can help them battle it. The boat is a prop that makes their feeble imagination more vivid! 

I am curious – Which of these points resonated most without? 

Which of these techniques are you going to use to karate-chop your prospects’ objections, doubts and fears and make your selling arguments  unmissable like Donald Trump?

Lemme know in the comment section below.

In the meanwhile, take a moment and pop your details below to get access to this awesome video where I show you how I create a concrete and counter-proof selling argument.

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