How to write a compelling sales page copy for your first ever information product

information product sales page

Building your first ever information product?

Want to create a compelling sales page for it? One that makes people drool, swoon and swipe their card without questions.

You don’t want to see your visitors going without being convinced that you’re the one to be invested in.

The truth is:

You’ve been working really hard to get this online course up and running.

After all, you’ve not created a simple blog post but a complete mecca of training on that one subject you love.

And if your sales page fails to convey the point and misses the mark, all your efforts may be flushed down the drain in minutes.

On the other hand, if it’s too pushy or sounds like a used car salesman’s pitch, your prospects may never come back to you with trust and love in their hearts.

So how can you ensure that your effort is not wasted and your sales page messaging is irresistible enough to drive action?

#1: Create your sales page outline before you create the sales page

It is easy to get overwhelmed by your own content and feel like you’re drowning in the content ocean. The only way to bypass this is to create your sales page outline before you write the content.

You’re then in the best position to kick overwhelm to the curb and follow an inverted pyramid pattern i.e. feature what matters the most, first.

This means shifting focus from features and other redundant details of your program to making way for true benefits.

Read your outline out loud to yourself. Is this information following a structure? Or are you introducing the product before establishing its need? Or maybe you are announcing the bonuses before resonating deeply with your audience.

If that’s the case, you haven’t lost much time. Let’s re-work on it.

Here are three most powerful sequences that you may follow to write your sales page:

  •  Picture, Promise, Proof, Push

Picture: Paint a picture in your prospect’s mind. Get them to imagine their life without the problem.

Promise: Make a tangible promise about solving their problem. Be specific here, it’s best to tell them how soon your information product can solve it.

Proof: Offer proof about why your system works and why you are trustworthy to sell this system

Push: Ask for action or sale

  • P.A.S.T.O.R

Problem- Start with the problem you intend to solve

Amplify – Aggravate their pain point

Solution – Position your offer as a solution to the problem you highlighted

Testimonials – Feature social proof that makes your offer authentic and credible

Offer – Put the spotlight on your offer, its benefits and advantages

Response- Ask for response in return for their attention

  •  AIDA

The most common and one of the oldest sequences used to write sales pages.

Attention- Grab their attention with your headline

Interest – Get them pulled into your content by kindling their interest

Desire – Arouse their desire for the solution

Action – Ask for action and close the argument

#2: Nail your headline and sub-headline before everything else

The purpose of a good headline is that it starts the conversation on the right note. If you start writing your sales page content without the headline, you basically don’t have a guidepost.

Once you’ve nailed that and have it out of the way, you know with a great deal of clarity whether you’re starting off by painting an upbeat, dream scenario or are using fear mongering.

With your headline and sub-headline frozen, you now have the right mindset to create your sales page.

For example, Ramit Sethi from on his sales page of Zero to Launch paints a dream sequence and starts off by saying:

What if you could build an online business that PAYS YOU to live the life you’ve always wanted?

He further goes on to reinforce this claim and strengthen this feeble image in his reader’s mind.

Joanna Weibe from grabs attention by asking an important question that hits them where it hurts:

“If your email copy doesn’t sell, why are you working to attract more subscribers? Or more trial users?”

#3: Nurture true empathy in your heart for your prospects & convey it to them

Sales messaging that connects, is compelling and sells repeatedly is a result of true empathy for the prospects.

So what does it even mean?

It means when you’re not ramming information filled with jargon down your prospect’s throat but are taking the time to really understand them before pitching.

“Appeal to the primal desires of your market. What do they want deep in their lizard brain? They may not even know it themselves.”- says Chris Haddad, founder of MoneyFingers.Inc

For example, Andrew Warner of before pitching his information product, The Counter Mind spends ample time really resonating with the primal desires of his audience. Here’s a snippet from his sales page copy:

You sit down to make a sales call, and your Counter Mind says, “What if the people you call are too busy?” So you procrastinate.

You want to write, and your Counter Mind says, “Hmm Brian Clark would write that better,” so you open your browser and check your email or Reddit.

You want to start a company, and your Counter Mind says, “What if you fail?!” So you wait till the ‘timing is right’ and never launch.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.”

Notice his copy is not superficial but connects at a deeper level. He’s doesn’t pitch his product till he’s made you raise your hand and subtly nod in agreement.

This is a hallmark of highly empathetic messaging, one that’s written with a distinct persona in mind. It may not connect with everyone but connects with a few, at a really deep level.


A good sales page feels like a good conversation with a friend. It shouldn’t make your prospects uneasy or uncomfortable. Bear in mind, that a sales page that sells never uses dirty tricks or cheap tactics that can turn off people.

Do not ever sell information by shoving information that they don’t need, down their throat.

It’s time for you to go back to a blank page and start with the outline of your sales page.

Good luck for your first ever information product.

May your sales page be a breeze of fresh air among the soul-sucking, sleazy, conversion-greedy messages, elsewhere?

I would love to share with you my exact process of converting a good sales page into a swoon-worthy one that sells like hotcakes. Want to see my magic wand in action?


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