Do you hear yourself saying this while creating your sales page?

“How do I tell them they have this problem?”

“How do I empathize with them?”

“How do I sprinkle the magic of my personality?”

“Where do I talk about the competition and crush it?”

“Where does the price element go and how do I best justify it?”

“And what about handling their objections to sale when I am not even there to verbally explain them?”

While you are still dabbling with the copy and structure of your sales page, there’s more to add to your anguish.

It is this:

Your prospect is the master of resistance IF you cannot prove to him that you REALLY are worth his time and money. 

He has developed an immunity to your call for sales and an affinity to say NO.

But you can’t give up.

You’ve asked your friends for advice, scoured places on the webs and swallowed a gazillion books.

What you find is:

  • Techniques to hard sell like a telemarketer that your prospects detest even in their REM sleep.
  • And formulas that are for everyone from juice sellers to Ginsu knife sellers

Use their advice and the reaction you’ll evoke is this:

Aggrhh..!! That’s scammy Not for me.

Are you disappointed by this pussyfooting?

Well…that’s good!

Because that’s not what you need.

What you need is an approachable sales page that follows a proven-to-convert structure. It keeps your personality on the driving seat and uses apt psychology triggers, that act as mini turbochargers. 

Here’s what this sales page will do for you:

  • Make your prospect see themselves in it. This alone is so powerful that it trumps all persuasion and pleasing tactics that you may have learned before. 
  • Convey to your visitors that you understand their needs well and align your solution without you verbally communicating it to them. Empathy is magical. 
  • Build on the most pertinent triggers of psychology like loss aversion, creating information gaps, meeting prospects in their own world so they can’t resist buying. 
  • Frame convincing arguments to crush their hidden insecurities, excuses, self-limiting beliefs, so their counter mind thoughts don’t obstruct their buying decision. 
  • Supercharge your likeability quotient and sprinkle the magic of your personality by positioning you as the solution to their problems. Remember people buy from people they like and can relate to.
  • Eliminate their doubts by having answers to their obstacles sprinkled strategically in the copy rather than veiled in one digital dust-gathering FAQ section.
  • Close the sales argument with a bang so that your potential buyers experiences an irresistible urge to say a resounding YES to your call for sales.  
  • Finally, transform their reaction from ”Umm…Not sure actually!” to “She’s right I can totally connect with what she’s saying. I want to buy her stuff.

But most importantly make you so confident about your copy that you are ready to take on the world with it. That will only happen when you look at your sales page and want to buy your own stuff. 

All this…while reinforcing that you are not after making a quick buck but providing a value-added solution that has the power to TRANSFORM their life. 

Give us 5 business days and I will give you an irresistible sales page that connects, converses and most important converts.

Price: $499

P.S.: What you shouldn’t expect from me is whipping up a sales copy without mastering the needs, dreams, insecurities, challenges of your prospect and what sets you apart from the crowd. So I’ll ask you plenty of questions but trust me you’ll love the clarity that this comes with.

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