One Nifty (Almost Invisible) Trick That Can Amp Up Your Landing Page Conversions

Are you wondering why your landing page is not generating enough engagement?

You’ve got a kickass design and a stellar copy but the conversions remain abysmal.

Well…maybe because it is not striking a good conversation with your prospects!

Stay with me as I reveal one nifty trick that can get you more head nods, bump up engagement and conversions.

That nifty trick is… **cue drum roll**


 Ask a good question on your landing page!

Researchers at BI Norwegian Business School found that phrasing headlines in form of questions have a positive impact on the click through rate of a headline. They have recorded click rates going up by 3, 4 and even 5 times.

The best part: Question headlines outperformed the statement headlines in the experiment by 140-150%!

That’s an insane impact. Don’t you think?

Adding a good question to your landing page is a definitive way to make your copy more conversational and score a home run with conversions.

Here’s what’s so great about good questions:

1. Good questions make your readers process your message better as they are forced to stop and think over. This is great because the attention span of web visitors is so abysmal that if anything makes them stop and pay attention, it is gold.

2. Good questions that are objective in nature and get a definitive yes or a no from the audience, slam home the point well.

3. Good questions open information gaps in mind. Since humans seek closure and don’t like incomplete things, they try to answer that question in their sub-conscious mind. Your copy starts talking to them.

4. Good questions bypass a person’s natural defense mechanism and increase the chances of him clicking the CTA button.

Good questions are thought-provoking and hence keep your audience invested in the conversation.

Lemme share with you 7 grab-them-by-their-collar-and-sign-up ways for asking questions on your landing page.

Yes, they are insanely effective, can activate your visitors from their REM sleep and jolt them into action.

Let’s roll the dice…

1. Ask the question that your audience is already asking in their head

This is a great way to build a conversation momentum.


Notice how AcquityScheduling puts the spotlight on the question that their ideal audience is already struggling with i.e. ‘what time works for you?’

The promise is solid, takes the center stage and makes the visitor stop and ponder to assimilate the information.

Now this is not exactly a question that they’re asking their visitors directly but by putting it in the headline, they are carrying forward the conversation.

They use the language of their prospects and speak to their need.

2. Use your call to action button to ask a rhetoric question that concerns them takes an interesting approach by featuring the question in the call to action button copy. This makes the button copy compelling and gives a strong reason to the visitors to click and take the action.


The question is rhetoric and the response it evokes is “Yes, of course, I don’t want to suffer. Get me to the solution.”

Indeed clever, the answer itself takes you to accomplishing the conversion goal of the landing page.

3. Ask a question that makes them nod their head and raise their hand

Here’s how asks a couple of quick questions that reflect the visitor’s personality.
These questions make their audience instantly nod their head in response, raise their hand and say ‘Yes! That’s me.’

Resonance is the key to a conversational and a high-converting landing page.

If you can evoke a head nod in response to your question, the odds turn in your favor. It’s also in line with Robert Cialdini’s Commitment and Consistency principle.

In addition, by featuring that declarative statement ‘You Belong Here’ right underneath the question, they strategically position themselves as love-marketing-hate-boring-folks who’re just like you.

This makes them relatable and makes you feel like you’re one of them- part of their clan, sharing similar interests.

Great strategy DM!

4. Ask them if they’re ready to get started

Here’s how I at use a powerful question to stop time-strapped scanners in their tracks:


Who doesn’t want to attract clients & cash? And who doesn’t want to sound empathetic in their copy to win clients?

Yes, I am ready!”- That’s the ideal reaction that this question is looking to evoke.

Here’s another brilliant example, this is one is from


Notice how they use short sentences and questions to keep their copy really flow smoothly. At no point, you feel they are being declarative or one-way in their language.

The question: ‘Ready to get started?’ is placed right above the call to action button. An affirmative answer in the mind of the visitor will lead her to click the button and take the action.

Also, below the fold, notice the question ‘Not sure what working out on ClassPass looks like?’ – This is a great way to address an important objection/doubt.

Instead of reserving this question for the rarely-looked-at-FAQ-section, they have given it the importance it deserves.

5. Ask a question that hits them where it hurts

What better way to make your audience feel the need of your offer than to reflect their pain in your copy?

And what better way to do this than to ask a question that magnifies the impact?

Yes, you’re right, no better way! And Onboardly know this:


Notice how Onboardly’s question twists the knife and amplifies their audience’s pain. Featuring this question lets them follow up with a narrative that builds on the prospect’s pain point.

This Q has only one A.

Who’ll ever be okay with their marketing efforts going unnoticed? Every marketer wants great returns on their investment!

But this rhetoric question gives Onboardly a chance to position themselves as an agency that ‘ensures your marketing efforts never go unnoticed.’

This question also acts as a great qualifier and makes this landing page messaging clear.

6. Ask a question that speaks to their biggest desire

Brian Dean from starts off with this massively impressive question:


It directly speaks to the desire of his ideal audience. He’s the SEO guy and anyone who signs up on his website wants to level up their SEO game.

It’s very hard to say no to this question because leveling up your website’s SEO is desirable for his audience.

Here’s another example from


These questions are bound to evoke a positive reaction from their reader. A reaction like: ‘Ah! How I wish I actually could get cliff notes for writing popular posts and could go straight to what works!’

7. Ask a question that may not have an unequivocal answer but it clarifies the purpose of the page instantly

Notice how Ramit Sethi from uses the question below as the main headline of his opt-in page:


The answer to this question is different for different people but at the core of it, he wants to highlight that you’re losing customers every day because of your copy.

He wants you to be aware of the importance of your copy and quickly gets to the point.

Notice this is not a tough mathematical question which expects you to make a mad dash to your analytics dashboard but it makes you pause and ponder.

Instead of featuring a declarative statement, he paraphrases it in form of question and this doubles its impact.

Thanks to this question, this copy passes the 3-second test since the question makes the purpose of this page instantly clear. You don’t have to be a genius to know ‘why you should care!’ and stay on this page.

Summing Up

Sleazy marketers use bold, yellow highlighter pens and declarative statements, empathetic marketers use great questions as a tool for striking conversations that convert & forming connections that last.

Which side of the fence are you? 😉

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