You’re dressed up in a suit worth $5000 and are sporting a spanking new $2000 Rolex watch. You’ve sprinkled one of the finest Chanel perfumes and smell great.

Your shoes look very smart on you. You confidently walk up to the stage and start your speech. 

But only a few minutes into the talk, people start walking out of the hall, one at a time.

10 minutes in, you’re only left with three people, that’s your spouse and kids trying their best to cheer you up. Of course all in vein.

What happened there?

Did your perfume not match your audience’s taste?

Or was as it about your shoes? Maybe they prefer the color black over the light brown shade that you were sporting.

Or maybe they didn’t think too well of the meteorites on the watch’s dial; they were expecting diamonds!

None of this, right?

Their apathy had to do with the content of your talk. Most certainly what you spoke didn’t resonate with your audience, it wasn’t gripping enough, or it was not what they were expecting from your talk.

Even though we know the truth, we still make this mistake with our landing page! Sounds strange?

When people bounce off our landing page we get mired in the minutia!

We adjust the brightness of our hot pink Call to Action button and make it so colossal that one can even spot it from a 10 feet distance, and then hope that people will be attracted to it like little kids to candies.

We constantly fiddle with our words- make it fancier and jazzier!

We use words like ‘unique,’ ‘sexy,’ ‘one of its kind’ or even carefully plant f-bombs to show them we’re cool, the offer has a personality and is simply ‘out of the world!’

And when nothing works plus our advertising budgets get exhausted – we throw our hands up in the air in deep grief.

Unfortunately, these crucial questions are never asked: 

  • Did the messaging empathize with their challenges?
  • Did it carry forward the conversation already happening in their heads?
  • Did it pull them into the conversation or let them remain strangers to our messaging?

Instead, we try to woo people with claims like these:

Best in class.’ Or ‘segment-leading’, ‘advanced stuff!

All proudly featured above the fold!

The messaging beats around in circles instead of empathetically addressing visitor’s pressing questions.

Questions like:

‘Am I at the right place?’

‘Is this my problem?’

‘I am skeptical. Will the solution work as claimed?’

‘Do other people trust it too?’

‘What should I do next?’

Ignore these questions and bouncing back is the first thing your visitors will do in defense.

Just how the best of Chanel perfumes and the most expensive Rolex watches can’t cover up for the content of your talk- the brightest of Call to Action buttons can’t cover up for an incoherent and frail messaging. 

The messaging is the linchpin of conversions. You cannot run away from it.

The real kick in the teeth is when we write off our own product and dismiss it as an ‘incapable match for the market’ just because its messaging tanked.

Game over?

That was until yesterday.

But today, you’re on this page!

And you’ve got me – the silver lining to your cloud, Hillary Clinton to your Donald Trump (or vice versa) and Joel Osteen to your gloomy day!

I’ll iron out all those creases on your landing page that are costing you precious conversions.

And help you with a rebuttal-proof landing page that attracts and converts the goldfish-attention-span scanners, the nail-biting skeptics, and the infant-curious-first-time visitors.

Most importantly the landing page I create for you will position your product/service like the one they’d been looking for, making conversions a no-brainer!

Start confidently directing traffic to your landing page without second guessing if it will connect, converse and convert.  

Sounds like something you cannot do a day without?


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