[Day: #2] Struggling with Your Facebook Ad Copy & ROI? Proven Headline Templates can help

Tired of constantly troubleshooting your Facebook ad copy?

Have you been changing it more that you would like?

I know this can be quite frustrating.

Do you realize that due to the small real estate you have on a Facebook ad, the headline and sub-headline can be instrumental in conversions?

Take a moment to analyze how you decided which post to click on while scrolling through your Facebook feed? Or which video to watch? I am sure the introduction to the post or the video had a lot to do with that decision.

But you don’t want to use those click-baits and spoil reputation. Well…tabloid headlines are click bait- agreed but we all find ourselves yielding to their irresistible power. Don’t we? And once we’re on the page reading one article, we’re smitten by the headlines on the sidebar too.

This distinctly illustrates that just about 50-70 characters plus an evocative image have the power to pull us in! So why not significantly turbocharge those words and skyrocket the performance of your Facebook ad? Sounds simple but feels hard?

Well, I have proven headline templates, backed by buyer psychology to help you write a stellar Facebook ad copy. But before that, I’d like you to watch this really useful screencast of day#2.

In this critique video, I analyze why the Facebook ad and landing page headlines miss the mark and lack the punch. They do not excite people enough to click through and end up pushing all wrong switches in the human mind.

So  watch this short & quick 6-minute video and find out what mistakes you should never make with your own headline and sub-headline unless you really want Facebook users to ride roughshod over your promotion ad.

 So let’s rip this ad copy apart:

Existing Headline: 3 Steps to Facebook Sales Success

Subheadline: Want to forget ‘leads’ and focus your Facebook marketing on BUYERS instead? Click to register….

Proven headline template to make this a more seductive offer and sell the click

#1: Make a tangible promise

Make a tangible promise to offer help with something that really matters to them. Make this promise memorable. People feel attracted to strong claims and promises because they appear action-biased and result-focussed. Remember promise-breakers end up becoming shoe-makers!

E.g: How to turn your dismally-performing Facebook ads to blockbuster hits?

#2: Speak to their strongest emotion

Empathy really works in marketing. If you know their deepest pain point related to your business, talk about it. This will get you instant attention.

E.g: Disappointed as hell over your Facebook advertising ROI? Join us in this 1-hour LiveCast to find out what’s missing from your strategy

#3: Point out at their mistakes

Everyone likes to be critiqued and corrected. We all like ‘expert’ eyes over our work. In this specific headline, the warning is pretty strong and comes right through, breaking all the clutter:

E.g: 3 Money-Grubbing Mistakes 99% of Facebook Advertisers are still making. Join us in the 1-hour LiveCast to set yourself apart

#4: Start with a question that really concerns them

Start with a question to get their attention and then add a spin. Notice how this headline makes you insanely curious:

E.g: Want to get more buyers from Facebook advertising? Don’t focus on them.

‘How on earth can you get more buyers without focusing on them?’ Eh! Magic?

#5: Reveal a secret 

Secrets have a way with our neurological wiring. You just cannot afford to glaze your eyes over if someone’s promising to reveal a hidden secret.

E.g: The #1 secret to getting ROI with your Facebook Ads
Join us in 1 hour Livecast to discover what you don’t know

#6: Use the power of contrast to tantalize human mind

This one is a killer headline. It is based on the rule of contrast. It triggers curiosity like crazy:

E.g.: How to get more visibility through Facebook by spending less
How low Facebook ad spends can get you higher returns

#7: Use the power word ‘FREE’

Using the power word ‘free’ stops people dead in their tracks. Free is a magical word that hints at a no-strings-attached, risk-free click. If you are directing them to a download which will be free of charge, go ahead and exploit the power of this word in the tiny ad space.

E.g: Free Livecast: Attracting high-quality leads with your Facebook ads

#8: Speak to their deepest pain point 

Pain points attract like hell. Popular agony aunts column in newspaper get a lot of traction. If someone is struggling with a problem and you point out towards that, it is highly likely that they will give you 100% of their attention.

E.g: Struggling with Facebook Ad ROI?
What if you could get higher returns from your Facebooks ads?

$9: Directly & Confidently single out their biggest objection

Address their biggest objection right off the bat. Do not beat around the bush or waste time in gobbledygook, get straight to the point by bringing their objection to the spotlight.

E.g: Can Facebook ads really deliver results for your small business? Click here to find out

$10: Exploit the power of proof in your headlines

Proofs are very powerful in establishing instant credibility. Also, this headline uses a very strong element of curiosity too:

E.g: My clients reveal how this SINGLE tip gave them the best Facebook Ad ROI ever

#11: Give them a reality check

Speak to their biggest fear and give them a reality check. Reality checks can break inertia and totally stop your audience in their morning casuals with their eyeballs popped out.

E.g: If you think your Facebooks ads are tanking, they are…

#12: Tell them what they don’t know

Tell them what they know about a subject is not enough and they need your help in finding out more. This makes you think there’s something more to this that you don’t know of:

E.g: Why a captivating image and text ALONE can’t save your facebook ad?

#13: Exploit the power of reverse psychology

Reverse psychology is advising people against the action you want them to take. People take notice and pay attention when they find someone advising against their own self-interest. Deploy it strategically.

E.g: Please don’t join us in this LIVECAST: Not unless you really want to save your Facebook ads

#14: Paint a picture of imagination 

Paint a picture using well-chosen narrative. It should deeply resonate with your buyer and really help her imagine how her world would look like if her main problem is solved.

E.g: Attract a queue of buyers outside your store from your Facebook ads fast

E.g: Create Facebook ads that bring steamy-hot traffic like crazy

#15: Appeal to their slacker mentality

We’re all lazy. Tell us a way to get to a destination fast without much effort and we’ll be all yours. Words like ‘easy’, ‘fast’, ‘quick’, ‘effortless’ help convey that REALLY well.

E.g: 3 Fast & Easy Steps To Get More out of Your Facebooks Ads Today
Revealed in this LiveCast

#16: Point out at the information gap

This headline makes people rush to fill the information gap:

E.g: What Facebook Marketing Experts Don’t Tell you about successfully running ads?

#17: Warn them against an action 

Red flags and warnings have a way with the human mind. They instantly grab attention by its proverbial horn.

E.g: What to never write in your Facebook ad copy?

Stop wasting money on underperforming Facebook ads

#18: Address their inner self-doubt using ‘even if’ hook

When people approach your ad, they may not be sure if they can really achieve what you promise. So along with a promise, if you attach the ‘even if’ hook, it fortifies your case.

E.g: How to create high-converting Facebook ad even if you are a clueless newbie?

#19: Imply urgency 

Even if your offer is not time-sensitive, you can still use power words like ‘now’, ‘today’ to imply urgency and sell the click. These words are proven to inject urgency and make people sprint for the call to action button.

E.g:  Create a high-converting Facebook ad for your business today

#20: Dangle the carrot to their competition spirit

A sense of competition acts as a solid trigger in nudging people to take a specific action.

E.g: Decode Facebook Ad Strategy of the Experts: How they get high-quality leads you’ve been dreaming of?

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