Do you need a sales funnel strategy? Struggling to create one that becomes a natural extension of your true brand and sells your offer seamlessly?

It’s not that you haven’t tried. You have.

But you really have no idea how you’ll make the right emotional connect and lead them on a step-by-step journey to the sale.

You may be battling hard with these pressing thoughts:

‘All emails landing in their inbox cannot be asking for the sale. What should the other emails in the sequence be about?’

‘What will be the right time in the sequence to send in a case study? When should I send the FAQs?’

‘How do I ensure that my narratives are so compelling that my readers can’t resist reading and responding to them?’

‘The last time I cranked out an email and sent it to sell my offer, I heard crickets. How will I ensure this time things are different?

‘Will I sound salesy?’

While you may be fighting these genuine concerns, I have a quick question for you:

Have you ever tried hammering a nail into the wall?

What happens if you strike just once?

The nail remains loose and can easily come out, right? You need to strike multiple times till it tightly fits into the wall.

Similarly, you’ve to keep striking your audience multiple times with your offer till they are fully convinced about their investment.

The only difference here is:

All your strikes cannot be identical.

For example:

Strike 1: ‘Hey I was just checking with you about my offer… I was hoping to learn about your decision?

Strike 2: ‘Have you decided yet?’

Strike 3: ‘Hey! Buy now or regret later.’

Now that’s really pushy. A lot of marketers do that and people hate it.

An email sequence written with empathy for the prospect speaks to their hidden desires and preempts their biggest objections to buying.

For example, maybe your potential client’s biggest objection is: ‘I have never taken a course on motivation & mindset before. Not sure if this will work me?

Then one of your emails in the sequence should preemptively address this. Here’s how:

You may have never taken a course in mindset training before and may be skeptical.

But this means you’ve never known what it feels like to be self-motivated, to challenge your limits and push yourself to achieve the unthinkable. This course also gives you the accountability support to conquer the odds.’

Do you notice how each email in the sequence needs to be written with an understanding of where your reader is in the awareness funnel and what thoughts are playing in his head?

It’s almost like reading their mind! This is empathy in action.

Your email sequence must be crafted to gradually catch speed to move towards the sale and not rush things from the word ‘go’ and tank!

A lot of science goes into a well-crafted autoresponder sequence that makes your business soar.

That’s exactly what I’ll help you achieve.

Sounds like something you need?

Here’s what you should do next:

Fill out the form below and confirm my availability to take on your work right away. After we ink our kickass work relationship, I’ll share with you, my strategy & clarity questionnaire to work through.

After we ink our kickass work relationship, I’ll share with you, my strategy & clarity questionnaire to work through.

This will give me a deep understanding of your audience- who they are, why they buy from you, their needs, goals, and dreams. 

It’ll help me sneak into your brain and pick up golden nuggets about your audience so that I am on the same page as you.

Most importantly your answers will be my guiding light for your voice and tone to help me keep the emails personal and true to your authentic voice.

In a matter of 7-10 business days I’ll give you a sales funnel for your business that (1) establishes you as the authority you are, (2) pitches and nudges them for sale without the sleaze and (3) keeps them curiously engaged, swiftly moving from one email to the next in the sequence.

So if selling to your email list gives you jitters, remember money is not in the email list- it’s in an engaged email list with whom you share frequent offers that add value to their business & life.

And do so in a highly empathetic manner.

This offer is not right for you if you do not have a product to sell. 

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