[Day: #4] How to write your landing page copy conversationally so it soars and shines

How often do you come across landing pages that are visually stunning but miss the mark emotionally?

They lack the voice of a human being and don’t engage. They feel bland like some unwelcome corporate babble.

The problem is that if you do not make an attempt to sound conversational, it is easy to sound like a robot.

In this video of Day 4, I discuss a really interesting case. How two landing pages making similar arguments present their cases in two different ways. One is visually stunning but uses babble and jargon to put the point across, the other is short, super conversational and delivers to the point messaging.

Since the second landing page copy discussed in the video is conversational you feel an instant connection with the brand.

So I will encourage you to take some time to watch this video and discover the power of a conversational writing on landing pages.

This will give you an edge when you write your own landing page copy and help you add a dollop of your personality.


Here’s what you must learn from the video:

#1: Don’t be selfish

Talking only about yourself or your product alone makes your visitors feel an instant disconnect. They don’t want to know about your feature-rich, all-in-one, next-generation, super awesome product but about how your product really helps them solve their problem or changes their life.

#2: Handle objections proactively

In the video, the case 2 discussed is that of Base CRM and you must notice how they proactively engage in a conversation with the user about the differences between the two CRMs. They understand pricing would be a concern for the user and hence they talk about it extensively through the copy.

#3: Be transparent with your visitors 

Noticed how Base CRM says that they do not have all the features that their competition does? The good thing is they are really transparent about it and do not sound like the sleazy salesman who just wants to close the damn deal. But they come across as a trusted advisor. And that should be the end goal for every brand.

So take a look at your existing copy and ask yourself does it really sound like you? Is that how you will talk to a friend to explain him your product?

Are you being transparent and honest enough to strike a chord with your visitors?

If the answer is no, rethink your messaging.

Happy Selling

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