[Day: #1] Why this Webinar Landing Page + Facebook Promotion can Tank?

Preparing for a webinar can be a daunting task.  You do not just have to put all your slides and notes together and rehearse before the finale but also ensure that you don’t end up lecturing to the empty seats.

Well..if people do not turn up to listen to you, it can feel frustrating and lonely. You may not have the courage to show your screen to the camera again.

The truth is:

You may have all the right ingredients in place to record a high converting webinar but if your landing page for registering attendees is a dud, it can negate all your efforts.


Well, so… I have created a quick video critiquing 2 Facebooks ads for webinars and their subsequent landing pages and you’re going to have a lot of fun watching them.

This will not only help you understand how strategic messaging can help you drive conversions from the landing page after people arrive on it but also how to get more people clicking through your ad on the landing page.

So watch this short 7-minute video below to find out why these webinar landing pages + facebook promotion ads leading to them do not have the ingredients for making it into a successful campaign

Let me summarize what you’ve learnt from this video:

1. Turn your bland Facebook ad to a conversational and descriptive one

Who stops to read bland ads?

People don’t. And especially when their Facebook feed is filled with curiosity-fuelled posts from their friends, fancy videos with

And especially when their Facebook feed is full of curiosity-fuel posts from their friends, fancy videos with solid emotional punches from highly-paid creative advertisers, captivating cat videos and now even live video sessions from the influencers they revere. To cut through the high-decibel noise, always make sure your Facebook ad copy is descriptive and conversational in nature plus drums up an urgency to sell the click.

It is easy to assume that since you have invested bucks and labeled it sponsored, Facebook will ensure you get the ROI on your ads. Well, Facebook can ensure visibility with the money but to get the ROI, you got to sell the click.

2. Shortlist ad images that are meaningful and clutter-breaking

Do not feature images that are not professional, not directly conveying what the ad is selling nor symbolic of the ad content. This is a big no-no. The first ad copy that I critiqued has an apt image but the second one is a total dud. Check out, if you haven’t.

3. Have a Killer Webinar Title/Topic to drive maximum conversions:

Unless the name of your webinar is descriptive and tells the user end goal of attending it, do not make it your ad headline or your landing page headline. If you have a run-of-the-mill name for your webinar, this one can be a big disaster. Yes, webinar topics are uber crucial to fire interest. The second webinar landing page example in the critique video fails to get that right.

Here’s a proven headline for a webinar :

How to [Insert Desired Result] in [Insert number of days] even if [insert their objection]

e.g: How to create your first short film in 15 days even if you no idea about which equipment to use

4. Maintain Consistency while crafting the content of your webinar’s sign up page:

Carry the conversation momentum forward. If you have conveyed one thing in your ad copy, maintain consistency on the webinar landing page copy. Do not start a new conversation on a different tangent. Well if you do this then you’ll turn off your visitors almost instantly because they’ll be clueless about where they have landed.

6. Make sure your webinar landing page is armed with all the relevant information to command the click

Has even the dearest of your friends got you to commit to a trip without revealing ALL the details to you? Like the destination, the number of days, co-travellers etc. No (unless you’re a huge travel buff). Then how can you expect a visitor, to whom you’re not even dear to say yes without knowing all the missing pieces of the puzzle?

Bottom line:

Make sure when you feature your first call to action on the webinar registration page for capturing leads, the visitor has all the pertinent information about the webinar to click on it. Do not have the call to action button float in the air without featuring necessary information leading to it and without giving all the valid reasons for the click.

7. Have all the trust signals in place

No one likes to click on dodgy links. Give total assurance to your visitors that you are credible, authentic and will really deliver what you promise. Put together all the reasons for attending your upcoming webinar including information about yourself as the host plus trust symbols to amp up the credibility.

8. Make sure your webinar title really speaks to your buyer’s pain point

Why will I spare an hour to attend your webinar until the topic really concerns me enough? I could spend that hour cleaning dishes, studying something important, eating out with friends etc. You do get the point.
So if your webinar topic doesn’t promise to solve my pain point and hand hold me from where I am , I have a hundred better things to invest my time in.
Just to reiterate that: In order to ensure that visitors not just register but also attend, you got to promise them that you’ll solve their biggest pain point or at least send them back with a concrete action plan. Your focus should be on the benefit of attending the webinar.

So make sure your webinar topics are definitive and not firing arrows in the dark!

Stay tuned for day #2: More fun follows!

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