[Day: #3] Can You Make Your Good Landing Page Copy Ridiculously Persuasive?

 I am so excited to share this video on making an already good landing page ridiculously persuasive.

Well after you watch the video you’ll realize its got A LOT to do with stellar messaging.

You can end up repeatedly changing the contents of your landing page to the point of confusion or really know what message’s a dud and what a star. The major problem arises when these changes are based on guesswork. And you have no clue what triggers you’re pushing through your messaging.

Okay confession time, when I started, I changed my messaging countless times on my landing page until I was convinced that the final version was worth the effort. And here’s what I learned:

You’re not selling a product or a service on your landing page.

You’re selling your prospects a life without the problem (that you solve) i.e. a better version of their own life!

As I rip apart this copy, here’s what you’ll learn:

– How to make a good headline even stellar by getting a LOT more SPECIFIC and focused

– How to make the sub-headline not start a new conversation but follow with the same claim and be actionable

– How to turn your bland Call To Action Buttons to really specific ones that not just command attention but also action

– How turn your simple bullets to highly benefit-driven ones that really slam home the point about why your product really stands out

So if you are really okay with a decent landing page that performs well… average, pass up on this video. If not take 10 minutes and find out how little tweaks can drive big results for your landing right now.

And trust me when I say the landing page in consideration is already good I MEAN IT. In fact, it’s really good – it’s from Wishpond. Okay.. shhhhh…

[Bonus: I also critique the Facebook ad that’s leading to the landing page. And you’ll discover one surprising mistake they make here.]

 Watch the video here to turn your average converting landing page into a ridiculously persuasive one

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