Does this sound too familiar?

You’re trying to sell your course, package or a brand new group class.

But communicating about it in a way that convinces your audience to buy, makes you want to pop a dozen sugar-soaked chocolate donuts in one shot.

Does this sound like me?‘, ‘Will it make people take action?

Will they relate?‘ ‘I feel I’m all over the place!

….And nights before you’re going live, you’re stressed that your launch will flop like a film at the box office:

I feel like I’ve been talking about what I do so much that I’ve lost sight and fallen into a rabbit hole.”

Creating business messaging that sounds classy and not sleazy and pulls out wallets takes more re-takes and tweaks than you had ever imagined.


If this rings true for you, then you’ve come here for all the right reasons. #VirtualHug

Hi! We are Positioning Strategist. 

Tavleen & Ashmeeta

We can craft an empathetic narrative for your business that will position you as the go-to in your niche. And not just another ‘player‘ in the market.

Our ideal clients are coaches, consultants, speakers and authors like you who want to rise above the mediocre and create ripples in their niche through on-point messaging.

Those who’re tired of clutching Red Bull cans while watching potential clients go back with the money they came to pay.

Our battle-tested writing processes and response-boosting techniques will turn your lifeless messaging into a roaring conversion asset.

Because the truth is: In this competitive virtual world if you don’t have a unique positioning and a well-articulated messaging, your prospects will find reasons to bounce right back & ghost away.

Take a Moment and Imagine...


Land on your page, halt dead in their tracks, their jaws drop and hands quickly reach out for their wallets. All in a single breath.


Scroll through your offer, sweating and biting their nails in complete awe of the badass marketer you’ve turned into.


Come across this really tactical messaging that smashes their resistance  with swiftness of flying squirrels.


Have your hands nicely tied back with a rope while reading your own pages because the last time you didn’t, you ended up buying your own stuff!

Click here to find out how I can use my methodical approach & empathetic storytelling to turn this into a reality for you 

Want an Insider Access to My Confidential Vault?

Get my swipe files, mini-frameworks, word-for-word scripts to create messaging for almost anything your business needs (pitches, offers, stories, first email to subscribers). No, not love letters or breakup letters (my own track record with them is pretty atrocious).  

Let’s start with my first SWIPE FILE…

Amp up your conversions now by downloading the Wordsmith’s Secret Swipe File and swap frail words with power-packed punches.


Watch your staid, and humble offers turn into dynamos that sell and your prospects’ resistance melt away like butter in a hot saucepan.

No more wondering ‘Why are people ghosting away without signing up on my offer?