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Are you ready to use the magic of empathy in your copy to attract clients & cash?

Your products/services need a huge push but you struggle to create an irresistible messaging that sells them WITHOUT MAKING YOU SOUND SALESY.

You prefer mopping the floor over planning & creating your sales messaging from a spanking, new blank page. I understand, writing something that gets people to swipe their cards is like firewalking!

You’re so caught up in serving your clients and creating your signature programs that you’ve got no time to sharpen your sales copywriting chops. Even if you had the time, you’d prefer to hop on a Skype call with your client than to battle massive overwhelm trying to nail your messaging. 

Let’s be honest- even to the workaholic you, binge-watching ‘Orange is the New Black’ on a workday is more acceptable than sweating over writing launch assets.   

You’re a good writer but writing battle-tested conversion assets that truly resonate with your audience’s dreams, hopes, and desires, makes you bawl your eyes out. 

That’s where I come in to help.

I am Tavleen and if any of that rings true for you, we’re a great fit…Oh! buoy! Your search for a partner in a successful product launch ends here. I’ll help you plan, strategize and write your conversion assets so that you can go to the market and attract swoon-worthy clients without sleaze.

My super power?

What I write for you will never sound salesy or pushy because the messaging is backed by the psychology of empathy. This means your client will always be the hero of the narrative I create for your brand.


An obvious repercussion!

I’ll help you stop running in circles with your messaging and start seeing the results you’ve been craving. 

Got a low-converting opt-in offer page? Give me 10 seconds & I’ll send you your copy of the Wordsmith’s Secret Swipe File with 328 power-packed words from my confidential vault.


Think of this swipe file like a crash course in empathetic & persuasive sales messaging or even better- this is your secret machete against the Goliaths of your niche!

No more wondering ‘Why aren’t people taking up on my offer!

Not sure if you’re at the right place? You definitely are if…

  • You’re struggling with a USP that does not resonate with your audience or words that don’t arouse emotions.
  • Or are stuck in a rabbit hole with a messaging that doesn’t come from a place of understanding your audience, it talks too much about you, lacks the vigor to move people and open their wallets.
  • Or it’s filled with jargon and cliches as a proof of your expertise but fails to shake your audience out of their apathy.
  • Or maybe your messaging is just a showman and not doing its job of marketing you to attract the right set of clients for your business.

Is that you? Fist bump? Air kiss? #Serendipity

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